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Can I only join if I am able to play both concerts?

As much as we like “double-jammers” it is of course possible to just play at one of the two concerts. You also don’t need to decide that now already. You still have time to decide and do your planning.

How certain is it that I can join the band for the concerts?

All jammers who are currently registered and accepted here have a guarantee that they can take part in both performances (if they want to). There is still no “stopping” or “wait-list”.

How does it work if I am under the age of 16?

Jammers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a legal guardian during the evening rehearsals and at the concert. For this purpose, each jammer under the age of 16 receives a “companion pass” in the form of an access wristband. With this pass you can also take a seat in the stands at the concert (any free seat). The accompanying person should be present when registering at the stadium and will then receive the accompanying pass there.

Will there again be a jammer handbook (THE HANDBOOK) with all the information for each concert (like last year)?

Yes, there will again be a manual for each concert. The first version will be released in March 2024 at the latest and will be available for download.

By when will all the songs that will be played at the concerts be recorded / ready for rehearsal?

The songs for Dresden will be finalized and the corresponding tutorials will be completed by the end of March. The program for the concert in Frankfurt will be very similar – but adjustments for Frankfurt can still be made until immediately after the concert in Dresden.

Do I have to be present at all rehearsals?

Basically, it would be great if you were there for all rehearsals. However, it is absolutely mandatory to be on site by Friday afternoon at the latest and to be present at the general rehearsal. It is NOT possible to arrive for the concert on Saturday only.

Who are the people behind THE GRAND JAM?

THE GRAND JAM is a project of Eintracht Frankfurt Stadion GmbH. The music-loving team from Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt already organized the orchestra world record with over 7,500 musicians in 2016 and brought Rockin1000 to Germany in 2019 and did set the rock band world record.

In 2023, an own project followed with THE GRAND JAM, which musically focuses on the great stadium hits, rock and pop classics and hits from the charts. Very important at THE GRAND JAM is the large stadium production with light show, pyrotechnics, artists and dance team.

A small team from the stadium and the coaches (a team from Frankfurt and a team from Vienna) prepare THE GRAND JAM with tutorials, video production, marketing and the entire stadium production.

The focus is on enthusiasm for music and everyone in the team is also joining live at THE GRAND JAM.